We just received a pallet of eye candy fresh from Montreal. This means we are now fully stocked on Rockin’ Rookie, Kootenay, John Barnet and the Niko Desmarais.

Here is the rookies description according to the website:

“Inspired by the slalom skaters and their growing dominance at hills like Maryhill we put together a shortened wheel-base board that can hold its own at full speed yet be ready to dodge yappy Shitzus who jump out in front of you as you skate to the corner store for a box of rubbers. The continuous concave has a broad flat section in the middle which rises gracefully but quickly to the edge of the board for a locked and loaded sensation.  

Length:  38.0”
Width: 9.8”
Wheelbase: options from 28.0″ to 30.5
Features: 9/16″ thick of canadian maple laminate, SC Concave, wheelwells, old school mounting holes.”