is now live.

“In a landmark move, Cult WheelsLush Longboards and Sabre Trucks have teamed up to form a distribution alliance and online shop, powered by theShopatron Platform.

Skaters in the USA, Canada, UK and Germany can now buy direct from the Cult WheelsLush Longboards and Sabre Trucks websites, and their order will be fulfilled by their nearest participating stockist. It means that orders are fulfilled much faster, and the brands support their local longboard retailers and distributors.

With this launch, the three brands have created an online shop that gives back to the community and industry, by supporting local retailers and distributors, who in turn are responsible for a lot of local scene and rider support. No other longboard brand does this – almost all are content to sell direct on their own websites, taking a huge margin and undermining their own stockists in the process.

The longboard scene needs the support of skate shops and distros, organising events and supporting riders. When a brand sells direct, it competes directly with it’s own retailers, leaving them less margin and fewer customers to generate the money needed to push longboarding to the next level.

Giving straight back to local rippers – UK skater Rob Borek is the first rider on the Vandem Shop Team.

With Vandem MFG, it is now super easy to buy Lush, Cult and Sabre products, and the distribution network that supports the scene we all love is given motivation to keep doing what they’re doing.

This is the first time a skateboard company, let alone a longboard company, has launched a platform like this internationally. We hope it inspires the rest of the growing longboard industry to look at their own distribution and ensure that they are giving back to the people who support all of us.

If you want to be involved in the Vandem program, please get in touch.

More countries and a shop team will be added soon.