Calling all Artistic Shred-doggies,

We have a new and exciting challenge hitting the streets today—it’s the Wheelbase Board Graphic Challenge! We’ve been working on this puppy for awhile now, and are excited to finally have it all ready to launch. So here’s the scoop: Skaters from all over the world are invited to send in their best artwork for a chance to have it printed as a board graphic on a limited-edition Comet/Wheelbase freeride deck. We have joined forces with Comet Skateboards and collectively designed a radical, new freeride shape (the new shape will be announced shortly.) Our choice to work with Comet Skateboards in order to bring you this Graphic Challenge was a simple one—Comet has a long history of working hand-in-hand (see: The FSM Story) with the skate community in order to produce the construction, shapes, and graphics that skaters want to ride. There will only be a total of fifty of this board made, they will be individually numbered, and available for purchase through a very select list of dealers. We have also teamed up with Caliber Trucks and Divine Wheels and they are providing the awesome components for this exclusive new board. All we are missing now is a super-buttery board graphic from you! Come on and get some!.

When it’s all said and done, the Wheelbase crew will pick ten of the raddest graphic entries that we receive, we’ll post our top-ten picks on the Wheelbase site, and then let all of our readers vote on which one of those graphics will make it onto the new limited-edition Wheelbase/Comet freeride board.

The winner of the Wheelbase Board Graphic Challenge will not only have their art printed on the limited-edition deck, they will also receive 3 of these unique decks mailed directly to their front door, along with 2 brand new sets of Caliber trucks, 3 sets of Divine wheels, and some other Wheelbase goodies. Can you say: “Winning!” The two runners-up will also win big as well.

Anybody and everybody are welcome and encouraged to participate in this Wheelbase Challenge. There is no skill requirement. However, we do ask that you follow all of the submission requirements.

 For complete Challenge details, and the submission form, click here: Wheelbase Board Graphic Challenge Page


Challenge begins November 8th. Challenge ends January 8th.