Cult Wheels presents their new smaller wheel known as the Ism. These things will be bad *ss on your pool or park board cruiser, or anything else requiring a 63mm wheel. They come in an 85a durometer which is sure to make everything slippery slidey and fun.  Check out the description given to us from cult:

“The Cult proudly presents our “small wheel” offering. Some of our strange and slightly sinister family prefer very low topmounts and long street decks, so we concocted a plan to create our most versatile wheel yet. The “Ism” is small to avoid wheelbite and provide maximum acceleration. It is perfectly formed with rounded edges, an offset core and square sides to give a new take on the Cult’s now legendary slide feeling. And it is made from SLIDE-O-MATIC for ultimate hard wearing, gibbering high speed madness.”