As we collectively began to dabble in new directions in sliding, we found ourselves in want of a new and unique wheel. Our existing lineup of freeride wheels (the Durian, Stimulus, and Fat Free) maintained a conservative balance of traction and driftability that is intended for downhill freeriding. The current emphasis is on the ability to grip and hold a line through corners at speed. The slide aspect of these wheels is focused on shaving off speed (in a pragmatic fashion) as well as to begin exploring progressive freeriding.

The Balut is the result of our desire to investigate the other end of the grip-slip spectrum: a freestyle slide wheel that allows for longer drifts and quicker, more numerous rotations with minimal speed loss. This is a first step in a new direction for us, and we’re excited to see where it takes us.

Baluts will be available worldwide on Thursday, February 2nd.


Diameter: 72.5 mm 

Contact patch: 35 mm 

Width: 44 mm

 Durometers: 80a, 83a, 86a

 Weight: 4.7 oz (per wheel)

Bearing seat: centerset

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