Our friends over at Riviera Skateboards have released the Official Race Heats for the Invitation Only Event. This is gonna be crazy… Ever heat is looking like it could be a final. Heres what Dubes had to say about the event:

“After much speculation and anticipation, the race heats for the 2012 Catalina Island Classic have been finalized. The list of confirmed and paid riders has been set.

We placed all the names into alphabetical order and assigned a number to each racer. We then drew numbers out of a hat, matched them with the corresponding rider numbers, and started dropping them into heats in the order the names were pulled.

Once a few heats were drawn, it became clear that every racer was sitting in a tough first heat—that sort of thing happens when every racer attending is at the top level of competition pulled from all over the world, joining together to race for the 5,000$ purse! The race will offer the highest levels of competition and challenge for those lucky enough to experience the 2012 Catalina Island Classic. Best of luck to all the racers—let’s have the best of times and show the City of Avalon what we really have to showcase! Stoked!”

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The 2012 “Catalina Island Classic” Official Race Heats:

Heat 1: Kody Noble, Lonnie Leonelli, Max Myers, Erik Lundberg

Heat 2: Jimmy Riha, Landy Rider# 3, Max Wipperman, Malachi Greene

Heat 3: Levi Green, Graham Buksa , Mike Snyder, Jeff Budro

Heat 4: Andrew Mercado, Jorge Garcia, Kole Galbraith, Miles Essert

Heat 5: Cody Shea, Dustin Hampton, Nick Ronzani, Tadiachi Nakayama

Heat 6: Charlie Darragh, Landy Rider #2, Ben Hyrn, Jomar Guzman

Heat 7: Alex Tongue, Zac Baca, Landy Rider #5, Billy Mieners

Heat 8: Lee Cation, George Mackenzie, Brandon Bean, Chris D’ Allesandro

Heat 9: James West, Eli Smouse, Rain Daley, Calvin Staub

Heat 10: Tad OnchiSinjin Davis, Max Capps, Eric Singer

Heat 11: Jose Guzman, Justin Rouleau, John Rogers, James Kelly

Heat 12: Louis Pilloni, Dennis Manougian, Kyle Wester, Pete Eubank

Heat 13: Duke Degan, Pat Switzer, Micah Green, Byron Essert

Heat 14: Connor Wagner, Pat Schep, Danny Connor, Josh Rolf

Heat 15: Trevor Preston, Landy rider #4, Cam Owen, Riley Harris

Heat 16: Gabe Gwynne, Andrew Schumacher, Josh Hunt, Kyle Chin