The World Premiere of Hicks on Sticks is set place to happen in Los Angeles on the 28th of this month. If your interested in what the Hicks on sticks is about, here is the summary. Were really excited for Ian and the whole PM Kebbek family.

“In the nineties, skateboarders were looked at as outlaws. If you were caught skating in parking lots or other public places, the police seized your board. It was during this time, that Ian Comishin started his own Skateboard Company in the interior of British Columbia. After a few years time, PM Skateboards’ skateboard decks and clothes were a staple for high school kids throughout the interior.

 Ian’s dream was to bring skateboarding to small towns across Canada.

He wanted to show the kids who grew up in these isolated areas something they weren’t usually exposed to; to show them there is more out there than 4x4ing and drinking beer. He wanted to inspire, and to share his passion. His idea was to set up a traveling skateboard and music show, and to spend the summer of 1999 on the road, spreading the positive message of skateboarding and music.

Ian put together a team of four skateboarders and two bands for the tour. The skateboarders were Josh Evin, Eugene Voykin, Mike Evans, and Shane Wallace. All from small towns themselves, they shared Ian’s dreams to bring their passion to light. They were eager to spend their summer on the road doing what they loved, skateboarding.

Everyone chipped in to help build a portable skateboard park out of donated materials. Ian set up the tour dates and at the last minute, the tour’s financing fell through. No one was ready to let that stop them from hitting the road. In one car and three vans, towing one portable skateboard park, four skaters and two bands set off to travel 2800 kms to put on 8 shows in eleven days with next to no money.

Hicks on Sticks is a story about chasing your dream, skateboarding, brotherhood and passion. It is a roadtrip documentary that spans twelve years in the lives of these influential small town kids.”