The guys over at PM KebbeK have been busy expanding their team of riders, rounding up talent from every corner of the globe. Here’s a quick peak at the new members of their roster. Check out the new crew, and don’t forget to check Kebbek’s 2012 lineup of boards over on

The youngest member of KebbeK’s team; Isac Printz hails from Stockholm Sweden, and recently did an interview over on All Around Skate. You can check out his interview here.

Continuing to break new ground, KebbeK also added their very first female team rider. Katiana Torrebella joins all the way from Mallorca Spain.

She also did an interview on All Around Skate which you can read here

Also new to the team is Brandon Tissen, a DH rider from California.

You can check out his rider profile over on KebbeK’s site : Brandon’s Profile

Brandon and some Buddies Shred Vista Pointe

Last but not least is KebbeK’s newest rider out of Japan, Amane Kishida.
Amane adds a distinctly Surf n’ Slash flair to the KebbeK crew, and we look
forward to seeing more of him soon.