Canada’s own Mischo Erban sets the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Skateboard Speed, Standing”  with a mind blowing 129.94 KPH (80.74 mph) run in Quebec, Canada this past Monday. Riding Seismic wheels and Seismic TekTon Bearings

Here’s a head-cam video of his run down the 18% Quebec road

Full screen run (Turn on HD)

Mischo’s Official Guinness World Record page can be seen here

Mischo famously set the record back in Oct 2010, during a Seismic wheel test run on his Siesmic Speed Vents. However it has never been attempted by him as a Guinness World Record until now. Check out his original run:

Cool side note – This record also destroys the world record for being fastest skateboard run being TOWED behind a car. So if that doesn’t give you an idea how insane Mischo’s record is, nothing will.