There’s been a ton of excellent footage and media from this years 2012 Maryhill IGSA event that I’ve been meaning to share, and I thought it was time to get it all up on the site for you to see. Check out the trial runs, friendly heats, buttboarding, competitive heats and even footage from Patrick Switzer’s championship final run. All compiled on one page for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s get things started with this hilarious shot from Madrid Skateboards during a Junior I Finals run:

Moving right along, here are a few freeride runs from the hill:

From SkateHouseMedia:

Also from SkateHouseMedia:

Orangatang ambassador Dustin Hampton gives us a taste of the Maryhill experience with this practice run footage. What’s most telling is his quote at the end. For the record, I don’t believe it’s the track he’s scared of, but the fierce competition and tight pack style racing.

The guys over at Push Culture News shot this next clip which showcases this years hilarious ButtBoarding run, as well as an interview with Madrid Skateboard’s team rider and the inventor of Venom Bushings; Zak Maytum.

After all of the preparation and days of freeriding and qualifying came the competitive runs. Here are a few videos from some of the early stages of competition.

From SkateHouseMedia, rider Louis Pilloni wore a GoPro  headcam during his run and brings us this run:

Also from SkateHouseMedia, footage from the Quarter Final run:

And here’s the big one, SkateHouseMedia gives us the final seconds of the Maryhill 2012 Finals. Watch as Patrick Switzer squeaks out a win of Zak Maytum:

Last but not least, Push Culture News was quick to get an interview with Patrick Switzer after his big win, and quick to discuss the Slalom length board Pat was riding.

That’s it, that’s all, you’ve seen it. Stay tuned to for more coverage of IGSA events, local grassroots events, and new products available at S&J Sales