S&J Sales was proud to sponsor the  George Town Hairpins Second Annual Outlaw event this past weekend. The G-town race isn’t a downhill, but a paved path race that features many back to back hairpin corners, this is a technical event about holding the right lines and checking speed accordingly. It seemed like every heat featured a number of bails and overtakes, and no single rider had a clear edge.  Now that the race has been run it’s time to share the race results, photos and video. Thanks to Peter Kuryllowicz and the Skate Invaders for putting on the event, Luis Bustamante and OntarioLongboarding.com user ‘Charvel’ for photos and Jonathan Nuss for the video coverage.

The final podium results were:

Grom (16 & Under)
1. El-Purp
2. John Muirhead
3. Eric Taylor


1. Emmanuelle
2. Brandon Scott
3. Joey Marion

Toronto Local Nick “Milk” Sutarz opting to Boneless over a corner rather than hit it.
His newest video Can Be Seen Here.

Sadly, after much abuse and intense riding his 2012 KebbeK board cracked and didn’t make it through the day:

And the Winners