Ontario’s own Downhill Longboard Hero* Patrick Switzer proves that his first place at Maryhill wasn’t a fluke by qualifying first in the Third Annual Kosakov IGSA race. Last year’s Kosakov race was cancelled due to rain, so this year they pushed back the date in hopes of better weather, and while there has been some rain, it hasn’t been nearly as bad.

Here’s a teaser for the race event

A short interview with the number one qualifier himself:

The Qualifying Runs:
Kozakov Challenge

Open DH Skateboarding

1st Round Qualifying Leaders

1. Patrick Switzer, Canada                         2:27.902

2. Alex Tongue, United States                   2:28.033

3. James Kelly, United States                    2:28.033

4. Kevin Bouaich, Switzerland                   2:28.264

5. Quinn Finnochio, Canada                      2:28.753

6. Zak Maytum, United States                    2:29.105

7. Nicholas Robert, Switzerland                 2:29.180

8. Ramon Konigshausen, Switzerland       2:29.359

9. Louis Pilloni, United States                    2:29.811

10. Niko Desmarais, Canada                     2:29.817

With Qualifying looking more and more like a “who’s who” of hot 2012 riders, it’s no surprise to see Otang Rider Alex Tongue hot on Patrick’s heels. Nor is it a shock to see Maryhill’s Madrid Skateboard’s own Zak Maytum slide in Sixth. Also in the top ten was KebbeK Longboards Niko Desmarais. Congratulations to all who qualified and keep checking back for all the race result updates.


*I suppose that he’s now British Columbia’s DH hero, but he started out here in T.O first, So we’ll lay as much claim to his fame as we can manage 😉