The latest IGSA race Kozakov 2012 concluded over the weekend with some shocking results. With on and off rain plaguing track conditions, it was often unclear for riders if they should be riding their race wheels or their rain wheels. Those familiar with Patrick Switzer know he’s notorious late and operates on what many have dubbed “P-Swiss Time“. In just such an instance, and due to a quick drying track, Patrick attempted to switch back from rain wheels to his regular wheels, but was too late getting to the starting gate and the semi-finals were run without him. He was entered in the Consolation Finals, which he won, giving him fifth place in the standing over all.

This isn’t the first time Pat has missed a starting gate either, here’s an except from a 2009 interview with the guys over at Loaded Longboards where he discusses his nickname “Fur Trapper”, missing his heat, and “Patrick Switzer Time”

“Pat: The nickname Fur Trapper was coined at my first slalom race “Dixie Cup 2005 in North Carolina” by Kenny Mollica. Kenny loves the Canadians, and took a special liking to us during his announcing of the race. One of my race heats he shouted as I passed my opponent “The Fur Trapper is catching the rabbit”, and the nickname stuck. Later that day I decided to get a hot dog and consequently missed my following heat knocking me out of the race. I guess they hadn’t been briefed about ‘Patrick Switzer time.’ “

Here’s a short race compilation from the guys over at SkateHouseMedia

And an interview with the 2012 Kozakov winner Kevin Bouaich, a Swiss rider who managed to check his speed and hold the corners:

From our friends over at Madrid Skateboards, here’s their contribution (and seemingly endless crash corner coverage) of the 2012 Kozakov races. Mild NSFW warning due to language in the music.


Can’t get enough Kozakov? Here’s a Fantastic video from 2010 that still captures my interest. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.