Well if you’ve been following this years IGSA races so far, you’ll know that it’s been a nail biter. With no rider holding a commanding lead in the points race. Over the six events that have been raced, there have been six entirely different first place finishers, resulting in a season without a clear favorite.

Peyragudes turned out to be no different, following suit with the rest of the races this season, it was jam packed with controversy and surprise results. After two days of riding and the completion of the qualifying runs, the third day was cancelled due to intense fog. So the qualifying run became the finals (after the fact) and the race results were as follows:

1. Douglas Dalua,

2. Patrick Switzer,

3. Thiago Gomes-Lessa

Last leg’s winner James “The American Dream” Kelly

Here are a few videos of the race events.

Day 1

Day 2 (and Finals)

Season standings (with the added points from Peyragudes not yet added):

Rank Points Rider
1 2063.50 Patrick Switzer (+432.62)
2 2028.82 Alex Tongue
3 2008.82 Douglas (Dalua) Silva (+450)
4 2004.80 Dillon Stephans
5 1985.31 James Kelly (+416.84)
6 1858.49 Mischo Erban
7 1840.37 Louis Pilloni
8 1768.52 Matt Kienzle
9 1651.72 Torbjorn Sunde
10 1612.08 Adam Persson

Sponsored by Madrid Skateboards and Orangatang Wheels amongst many others. This IGSA race saw speeds of 107km an hour, and the surprise results make the upcoming Winsport Canada Cup in Calgary that much more anticipated and exciting.