Here are the stats straight from FireBall:

– 71mm tall
– 46mm continuous progression contact patch
– 84a Durometer
– 56mm Width
– SlidePrepped™
– Centerset core with flawless symmetry design
– Tall strong lips wear consistently until cored

The original drive to create the Fireball brand stemmed from the desire to create a centerset freeride wheel unlike any the world has seen before. With two years of designing, prototyping, and shredding behind us, Scorch is here.

Fireball was adamant that the Scorch be the world’s first flawlessly symmetrical centerset freeride wheel. The final product you see here is just that. There is absolutely no difference from the front and the back of Scorch. This allows the rider to have perfect wheel rotation each and every time.

Scorch features 46mm contact patch that stays consistent until it is worn all the way to the core. The smooth, outward sweeping urethane from the core supports the tall face of the wheel for its entire life. This creates a wheel that maximizes consistency and performance.

The dragon spines within the Scorch graphic not only look sick, but are also functional. The distance between each spine is 3mm, allowing you the rider to know how much urethane there is left to shred. We affectionately call this the gnar-o-meter.

No Fireball freeride wheel would be complete without our trademarked SlidePrepped™ (now noted as SP™). Scorch is no different and ups the bar by increasing the SlidePrepped™ to the face of the wheel. A prepped surface on the face of the wheel ensures that each and every surface that will ever come into contact with the ground is prepped to slide, making your freeride experience flawless.

Along with the brand new wheels, Fireball also has a brand new site!