“It’s Board Meeting 2012!!! Come join Jonathan Nuss as he take on 1000 longboarders armed with only his camera, longboard and wit.

We would like to thank all the people who have made board meeting a success for over 10 years now!!! From 40 people to over 10000 its been a journey with countless names and faces. We hope to keep the dream alive year after year with more stoke and more passion then ever before.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Thanks to Comet, Sector 9, Kebbek, Ace of Dymondz, Cult Wheels, Otang, Loaded, Rayne, Switchback, Bombora Boards, Boz Boards, Champstiles, S&J Sales, Goon Gloves, Joule Longboards, Reckless, G-Form, So Hip It Hurts, Amwood, Saber trucks, Noz energy drink, T8, Lush Longboards, Landyachtz , Vicious Grip Tape and Roarockit Skateboard Company.

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss

DMysticMC – Baby I know why
The Eternal Feedback – soul aka Jonathan Nuss
The Eternal Feedback – 8 bit love aka Jonathan Nuss
Parallel Park – Speak Spell aka John Park”