Lush Longboards introduces it’s new Spacebyrds decks (Night and Day)

From Lush Longboards Blog
“Long-time followers of this blog will have seen a few photos of Harry, Matt, Darren and Mark skating Lush “Expermiental” skateboards for about two years now. We finally got them to the level of perfection we were after and pressed some…
Seven plies of Cold Pressed, Candadian Hardrock… no beech, birch, bamboo or any other funky stuff in here!
The “Night” graphic is 32.75″ x 8.4″, perfect for transitions, technical sliding and street. Mark, Matt and Harry prefer this size.
The “Day” graphic is 34.5″ x 8.8″, better suited to sliding, speed and the Larger-Footed Skateboarder… As used by Pete, Adam and Darren
We press these boards one at a time in our woodshop to make sure they all come out the same… not much point in spending years getting the concave perfect and then cutting corners…
We’re really stoked on these decks and we hope you are too. Coming soon!”