Oct 20th is the annual Broadway Bomb race in NYC , but this year found itself surrounded by controversy. Due to the ever expanding number of skaters attending the race, the NYC Police department attempted to put a stop to the race under the catch-all flag of “Public Safety”. The Broadway Bomb Website put this official notice up on their front page –


PLEASE BE ADVISED: 1.) Pursuant to Court order, the Broadway Bomb race and flash mob will not occur on October 20, 2012. 2.) Participants in any such event will be subject to arrest.

However, it was generally understood by everyone involved (including the police) that despite this, the race would still be held, but strictly as an unsanctioned “Outlaw” event. This is especially relevant to Canadian Skaters who participate in the yearly Board Meeting, as we too have seen a stronger and stronger police involvement in keeping a watchful eye on our event and directing our flow of traffic. Push Culture News was there to cover what happened:

“The 2012 Broadway Bomb will forever change the face of skateboarding in NYC. It’s not just about waxed ledges and hand rails anymore, the NYPD now has 2,000 citizens wanting to push their skateboards across miles of the big apple! All in support of the fact that the skateboard truly is a viable and demanded form of alternative transportation. May the rest of the world know Push Culture is alive and well in New York City.”