From the Video Description:
“Loaded Kanthaka official release video. Trevor, Ethan and Nic bring their own style and personal touch to the streets of San Francisco. Adam C. and Adam S. composed a lot of tight shots and focus rolls to bring the action close along with a fast paced, multiple angle edit. There is a lot going on in this video so you may have to watch it more than once to take it all in. We hope the video inspires you all to go out and skate.

In-depth write up on the development and features of the Kanthaka:

For more on the filming of “Eighteen Cubits,” visit the link below:…


ETHAN – Kathaka 8.625″, Indy 169s, 86a Fat Frees
NICK – Kathaka 8.625″, Indy 149s, 86a Fat Frees
TREVOR – Kanthaka 8.875″, Indy 169s, 86a / 83a Fat Frees


ARTIST – Ki:Theory
SONG – Crack Corn