Lush Longboards launches their revamp of the classic Symbian Board with the Symbian 2

Details from their website:

“The Symbian quickly became the staple freeride deck of our lineup when we introduced it back in 2011, a firm team favourite and a go-to setup here at HQ. A lot of road time with this deck has given us a few ideas for improvement, which we’ve rolled all together and brought to you in the Symbian 2.

Improvements on the orignal Symbian include:

Slightly shorter overall length, better for flips and shuvits
Shorter wheelbase, giving even more turn and manouverability
Longer and wider kicktails, making manuals, ollies and flips a lot easier
CNC wheel wells, allowing a much wider “neck,” which increases strength considerably

It shares the following features with it’s ancestor:

Drop-through with 0.75″ of rocker for an ultra low, comfortable foot platform, giving a slidey ride with tons of control
0.75″ Concave – more agressive than the Elevator, perfect for high speed slides and speed checks with confidence
Big cutouts allow super-loose trucks with no fear of wheelbite
100% symetrical shape, if you like riding switch or doing shuvit tricks, this is the board you want. We’ve flared the area that your feet would normally go to allow you to hook your toes and heels over the edge of the deck for more precise control in standup slides
Adjustable drop-through mounting
A stiffer flex is very important to stop vibrations when locked in sideways – we’ve laid this up with 9ply Canadian Maple, the same as speedboards like the Vandella, Shocker and Sequel to give enough stiffness for sideways control. Like all our decks, we Cold Press these one at a time to make sure that we get an even glue curing and the concave is the same every time.
Complete with the super-buttery Cult Classics and high-end Sabre Trucks and bushings. Slide completes don’t get any better than this!
Chrome finish graphics, artwork by Jethro Haynes.

This is the primo drop-through freeride deck in our lineup, the result of many, many hours of skating, shaping, and more skating. Available from good skate shops everywhere!”