Welcome to Version Two of the Pocket Guide to Longboarding.
After the success of our first Pocket Guide we saw the need to
make some revisions for 2012. Longboarding continued to explode
in popularity over the last year and it seems all different
types of people are interested in learning about the smooth
cruise of a Longboard. To be honest its been a little difficult for
everyone to keep up with the rapid growth of longboard culture.
Last year we saw an explosion in the popularity of free riding and
sliding, as well as continued growth in cruising and commuting.
Every facet of Longboarding is growing and progressing each
year, this means new products as well as new companies are
appearing all the time.
There can be an intense amount of information associated
with Longboard products and it can all be a little overwhelming
deciding on that first board. This guide is designed to give you
some insight into the technology behind the products, and help
you find that perfect ride. For more info visit.

Clink the cover pic or this link to Download.